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Nina Mrugalla

Hi, I'm Nina,
Nina Mrugalla.

I am based in Paderborn in East Westphalia. This is where I have my roots, my family and also where I spent many years of my professional career.

I have been involved in personnel and organizational development since my studies – both from an internal and external perspective. Since then, I have fulfilled various roles as a manager, consultant or project manager with a passion for modern working and learning environments in which innovation, creativity and change can be experienced.

What I am offering:

  1. Enhancing leadership and collaboration together
  2. Setting the focus for continuous organizational development
  3. Involving HR teams on this journey
Regardless of whether this involves supporting individual teams or entire departments, the focus is always on designing change processes in such a way that they can be implemented in a way that is close to the work and people. This also includes embracing new approaches, different formats and – from time to time – being open to experiments.

In January 2012, I founded Mrugalla Consulting, a consultancy focusing on organizational development, leadership culture and HR transformation.

In my coaching sessions, I offer individual support to strengthen existing leadership skills or work on topics as shaping teams, getting into new roles, making difficult decisions and achieve ambitious goals.

In these areas, I have not only built up many years of internal and external experience and expertise, I have also gained specific qualifications. More than that, I combine curiosity, passion and effectiveness with these topics.

What shapes me:

Co-CEOs Jens and Felix Fiege have set themselves the goal that everyone at FIEGE has the right to good leadership – regardless of hierarchy, role or location.

This is based on the firm conviction that good management and cooperation lay the foundation for a successful future and thus ensure the long-term economic stability and further development of the company.

I am leading this transformation initiative in my role as a consultant, initially internally and since January 2024 externally. It all started with the development of the FIEGE Compass, which was developed together with a wide range of colleagues across all hierarchies. The compass describes what is specifically meant by good leadership and collaboration.

Important milestones are the empowerment of all participants, e.g. in dealing with feedback, in the development of a common understanding of leadership and the sustainable use of FIEGE’s own feedback tool, the Lead-O-Meter.

In my last position at Phoenix Contact, I developed a global employer branding strategy together with my team, started building a systematic global talent management system and drove learning opportunities (introduction of LinkedIn Learning, expansion of global leadership development, etc.) and the necessary global learning infrastructure.

At the same time, it was my job to create new offers for career starters. This included the Discover your Talent and Trainee program. In our in-house academy/training center, we created the framework conditions for the largest training cohorts since the training program was established.

Above all, the goal was to shape a modern learning and working culture, which is also expressed in the company’s purpose: With a passion for technology and innovation, we are creating a sustainable world together

At the same time, I have been involved in New Work topics and everything to do with ‘bringing purpose to life’.

I frequently give lectures or workshops at universities. Why do I do this? I learn something new by dealing with teaching and current scientific developments, I have contact with students and can understand their perspectives on the world of work. As a member of the Board of Trustees, I advise the FHDW’s management body on strategic issues.

During my time as a mother of two children and a full-time job, I turned down requests for honorary positions. Now the children are of age and I am delighted to be a member of the Foundation Council and Board of Trustees of the St. Johannisstift Foundation since 2023. My focus is on the topics of employer attractiveness, leadership development and modern HR work.

Transformation can only succeed if everyone pitches in!

I love my business ecosystem: collaborating in a network, driving innovation together, supporting and learning from each other.


I support organizations in successfully shaping cultural and leadership transformation and preparing HR departments for the future.


As co-founder and partner of Goldspinner GbR, I enable companies to leverage untapped potential through good mentoring and onboarding of managers.


The business podcast without glamor and filters. Together, my colleague Nicole Barth and I explore leadership, change, conflict resolution, diversity and personal development in-depth.

What some of my customers say

“Nina was and is a valuable advisor and sparring partner for me in strategic matters. Her profound insights and ability to analyze complex challenges contributed significantly to the development of clear and targeted strategies.

Her coaching approach, especially with regard to my changing role as a manager, played a decisive role in my personal and professional development.”
Managing director of a medium-sized family business and founder of a tech start-up
“Thank you for the excellent workshop! We found the day together very enriching and the feedback afterwards was consistently good. The mixture of practicality, professionalism and critical questioning of the status quo from time to time really helped us in the team.”
Middle management executive